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How to get the best international exchange services right away?

At Dawn Financial, the idea with Foreign Exchange Services is to provide the easiest way of buying Forex or wiring money abroad. So whether you are planning to travel abroad or you need to avail of a Forex product/service, get in touch with us to find the best mix of safety and convenience. Dawn Financial offers a vibrant mix of solutions to transfer money abroad through an online payment interface. Feel the comfort of wiring money to your friends and family settled abroad because now you can revive the process of buying Forex and promptly sending money. We offer customers a simple single-window system to purchase and sell foreign currency, send money abroad through wire (TT) transfer, and receive money from overseas through Money Transfer Services such as Western Union, Ria, and Moneygram. To discover the ideal balance of convenience and safety, get in touch with us for your Foreign Exchange requirements. Our company, Dawn Financial, offers the following forex services:
•    Instant Currency Exchange
•    Purchase of Foreign Currency Prepaid Cards
•    Overseas Remittances
•    Inward Money Transfer

How to purchase Forex products at Dawn Financial:
Customers can easily purchase pre-paid travel cards, cash, travelers’ checks, DDs (demand drafts), and money wire transfers from our locations or the partner bank office. We will process the various orders at our own pre-set rates, which are much more affordable than any other bank or money changer rates. The nearest thing to us is the finest assurance of security and confidence.
Our simple three steps to purchase Forex products are as follows:
•    Let us know about your requirement of Foreign exchange needs and apply by filling out the required forms along with supporting documents.
•    Remit the equivalent amount in India Rupees to our designated account.
•    Collect your foreign currency or forex prepaid card or receive the amount overseas in the account of your relative / institution

What is a Forex Card?
A prepaid debit card called a Forex travel card enables users to load one or more foreign currencies onto the card. While going abroad, it can be used to make purchases or get cash from ATMs. Usually, banks and private businesses are the ones who offer forex cards. All across the world, they are commonly accepted in shops and ATMs. One of the main benefits of utilizing a Forex card is that it removes the need to routinely exchange money between different currencies or carry around huge sums of cash. Compared to other types of foreign currency payment methods, forex cards frequently provide favorable exchange rates and possibly lower transaction fees.

What is a wire transfer?
An electronic transfer of money from one bank account to another is known as a wire transfer. It is a sort of electronic funds transfer (EFT) that is used to transfer money between financial organizations, such as banks, credit unions, and others. Money can be sent between people through wire transfers, for example, to pay for goods or services. Before beginning a transfer, confirming the rates with your bank or the wire transfer service provider is crucial as wire transfer fees vary.
What is the Use of a Forex Card and how to purchase it?
One might benefit from a variety of Forex card features. However, you must first know how to obtain a Forex card to utilize one. Within hours after ordering, we will deliver your single-currency or multiple-currency Forex card to your home. Here are four easy steps to get you through the card application process.

STEP 1: Decide on the currency and amount of recharge for the card.
STEP 2 is to enter your data and select a delivery method (home delivery or branch pickup).
STEP 3: Pay for the card using a variety of options, including internet banking or a debit or credit card.
STEP 4: The card will be shipped or made available for pickup with the pre-arranged exchange rate once payment has been confirmed.

Foreign travelers frequently use Forex cards for a variety of things, including:
•    Purchases: Shops that accept Visa or MasterCard allow payments made with foreign exchange cards. Purchasing goods and services, paying for hotel stays, and scheduling travel and auto rentals all fall under this category.
•    Cash withdrawals from ATMs: Foreign ATMs accept withdrawals made with Forex cards. For travelers who require cash for costs like transportation or meals, this is helpful.
•    Online transactions: Foreign websites can also be purchased using Forex cards. This is helpful for travelers who need to make online hotel or ticket reservations.
•    Business travel: Foreign exchange cards are commonly accepted and can be used to pay for costs associated with business visits, including lodging, transportation, and meals.

•    Education abroad: Students studying abroad may also find Forex cards helpful because they may use them to pay for tuition and other costs.

•    Medical travel: Medical costs incurred while traveling for medical reasons may be paid for with Forex cards. For instance, medical expenses like doctor's visits and hospital bills can all be paid for with a currency card.

The advantages of using a Forex card should be considered since they provide a safer and more practical way to carry foreign cash. In addition, they frequently offer more favorable exchange rates and transaction fees than other types of foreign currency payment options.

Forex Exchange Rates

    Travel Forex Card Traveller's Cheque Cash  
U.S  US Dollar (USD) $


74.65 -- 74.95 75.05
British  Sterling Pound (GBP) £ 96.15 98.15 -- 98.8 98.75
Europe  Euro(EUR) € 84.65 86.45 --


Swiss France Swiss Franc (CHF) CHF 72.5 75.9 --


Australia  Australian Dollar(AUD) $


54.1 -- 54.2 54.25
Canada  Canadian Dollar(CAD) $ 56 57.75


57.9 57.8
Singapore Singapore Dollar (SGD) 52.05


-- 55.55 55.65
UAE  UAE Dirham  (AED) 18.5 20.6 -- 21 --
China  Chinese Yuan (CNY) 9.6 -- -- 11.35 --
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar(HKD) HK$ 8.95


-- 9.65


Japan   Japanese Yen(JPY) ¥


0.69 --


Malaysia   Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) 17.25 -- -- 18.5 --
New Zealand  New Zealand Dollar(NZD) $ 45.1 -- -- 50.3 50
Saudi Arabia   Saudi Riyal(SAR) ﷼ 18.3 -- -- 21.5 --
Swedish krona  Swedish Krona(SEK) kr 7.4 -- -- 9 --
Thailand  Thai Baht(THB) ฿ 2.19 -- -- 2.39 --